Glasstuerze Pandora

glass cover- glass dome- clock dome

many expressions for an invisible glass item. For you we manufacture glass domes since 30 years. We deliver worldwide to  museeums, artists, clock makers, collectors, private persons and many more.

possibilities and shapes

we manufacture glass domes. Round – oval – squared. All feasible measurements. We offer bespoke glass domes, standard glass domes and glass domes from stock.
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machbare Formen für ideco Glasstürze


ancient production

the ancient production of glass domes was in the victorian times. Glass domes where made in glass factories where glass for windows was mouthblown. The long cylinder they made has been cut. Oval ones they made by flatened the round dome while the glass was flexible. Afterwards a base was made fitting to this glass dome.



vary often we have to make a glass dome fitting to an old base. In this case we have to use a wooden mould. Into this mould the glass dome is blown. The top of the glass dome forms free. Therefore every dome is a little differnt. It´s your personality dome.

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moulds on stock

you will find a huge stock of moulds at ideco glass. This moulds could be used to make your glass dome. In this case you can spare mould costs.

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Standard sized glass domes and glass covers on stock

the easiest way to get a glass dome is to buy a dome from stock or a standard sized glass dome. It´s  the cheapest way to get a glass dome in any case.

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