the delivery of glass domes is our top speciality. Since 30 years we offer glass domes in a wide range of possibilities. glass domes round- glass domes oval- and glass domes square shaped. The world largest selection of domes is witing for you. Further we offer for you a wide range of other glass products

Pouring Melted Glass into Graphite Mold

Sonderanfertigung eines Glassturz


taylor made glass

we offer glass to your specification as well. You want to realize your glass idea or want to replace a glass item. Please feel free to ask Ideco glass. Our wide range of possibilities to manufacture glass make many glass production become true.


awards repesentive glass gifts

ideco glass offers a huge amount of glass awards and glass glass gifts for many different occcassions. Such as company jubilees, sporting events, wedding gifts, anniverseries. To make it unique we can ennoble the glass with engraving, grinding, painting…


Upcycling Glas

new products are our upcycling glass.  Made from old glass many new items will arise. We´ll give to this supposed needless glass products a new life. In combination with new glass or while beeing melt (fused) new products will be created.


clock domes- glass domes

many expressions for an invisible glass product which has to be well formed to cover bright clocks, fine porcelllaine, best arts and many more things. The manufacturing of glass domes is our parade discipline. A long time experience serve you to find the best glass cover for your item. You will find all shapes round-oval- square. You will find all feasible measurements.