custom made glass

from one piece on we are able to manufacture glass for you. You are looking for someone who will make your glass idea become true? You are looking for someone who will manufacture a glass replacement? Please ask us.


handmade manufactury for individual bespoke glass production

taylor made glass- custom made glass

you want to realize your glass project. We offer a wide range of glass making techniques. We can holow glass and flat glass as well. We are able to decorate your glass hot (like coloured glass spots..) or cold like painting. We glue glass and fuse glass. And much more…

Es gibt verschiedenste Möglichkeiten für Sonderanfertigung

new glass – replicas

wether you´ll make a idea become true or you`ll looking for a glass replacement of a broken glass item. Please feel free to ask for the possibilities.

ideco taylor made glass